I am accepting students either as my direct advisees or lab members. When you work with me, I will try to provide training experiences tailored to your professional development stages and goals. However, we will be a great fit if you have following “vocational personalities” or characteristics:

(1) Have passion for counseling psychology, of course. Specifically, your might find our collaboration meaningful to both of us, if you have research interest(s) in vocational psychology/career development, psychotherapy science, assessment, or counseling/psychotherapy in cross-cultural/multi-cultural settings.

(2) Interpersonal skills. Of course, we want to get along with each other well.

(3) Self-motivated and self-teaching skills. I believe self-agency is a key factor in successful research training. Certainly, I will provide guidance.

(3) Professionalism.

(4) Any one or combinations of critical thinking, quantitative skills, writing skills.

If you are interested after reading all these or have any questions, welcome to drop me an email at hxu@luc.edu.