Hui Xu is an assistant professor in counseling psychology at Loyola University Chicago. He obtained his doctoral degree in counseling psychology from Arizona State University and joined Loyola in 2017. Dr. Xu’s scholarship focuses on vocational psychology, psychotherapy science, assessment, and cross-cultural counseling. He deeply believes that counseling science and practice should inform each other. Thus, he and his collaborators strive to investigate issues of rich clinical implications, which has resulted in publications on major journals, such as Journal of Counseling Psychology and Journal of Vocational Behavior.


He has received outstanding research awards from three sections of APA Society of Counseling Psychology (i.e., Society of Vocational Psychology, the Section of Promotion of Psychotherapy, and the International Section), APA Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, and Association of Chinese Helping Professionals and Psychologists-International. In 2017, he was selected as the recipient of  the outstanding graduate student award from the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs, which is a top honor for counseling psychology doctoral students. He currently serves four counseling/psychotherapy journals as an editorial board member, including The Counseling Psychologist.


Dr. Xu also has passion for counselor training and international collaboration. He has given seminar presentations in China and Japan.


In his leisure time, he enjoys travelling, soccer, photography, and any other art-related activities.